Season 6, Episode 12

\V/Cast 03.02.2019
With: Bobo, Astro, ArtsandGoodies, and Desichan; hosted by Bobo a pirate and Astro

1) 00:01:32 – Hitlist Discussion
2) 00:08:49 – Bruja Julia and Abigail Magical girl vs. Scout and Boris
3) 00:25:25 – Catherine and Elizabeth vs. Fairytale
4) 00:46:55 – Flechette LaFayette and Faustina LaFayette vs. Melody Wynter and Devil’s Tooth
5) 01:06:40 – Hollow Passion and Wish-Tinged Idle Logic vs. Morgana and Nikki

– Fun fact: At various points throughout the cast, you may hear that it has been taken over by a nameless pirate captain and hosted by Bobo instead of Pyras