Season 6, Episode 14

\V/Cast 03.26.2019
With: Boogidibzdo, Kozispoon

1) 00;02;02 – Q&A
2) 00;33;38 – RTag Team Magical Girl Death Tournament Round 2: Hollow Passion & Wish Tinged Idle Logic
3) 00;40;44 – Tag Team Magical Girl Death Tournament Round 2: Scout and Boris vs. Catherine and Elizabeth
4) 00;58;37 – Anvil in Why We Droppin, Boys?
5) 01;08;16 – Gossamer Swan in Recovery
6) 01;24;07 – Lawson in Back in Action
7) 01;35;16 – Farewells

-I did not have time to write recaps for this episode so Astro was kind enough to write them themselves, and we alternated reading them.
-First time having enough questions to do a Q&A, and questions we don’t get to we save for a future episode, so please don’t worry if a question you’ve asked hasn’t been answered yet.